• Fisheye Pro

    Fisheye Pro

    The world No. 1 LOMO Fisheye camera is now available on iPhone. Get Fisheye Pro APP to enjoy the amazing analogue film photo.

  • Cropic


    FREE to post full size photos on Instagram without cropping. It also provides tons of color and beautiful patterns as background options.

  • HobbitBooth

    Splitter Pro

    Split your camera into several parts to combine interesting photos. With unlimited imagination, you can produce incredible photos.

  • InstaFisheye


    Take square format fisheye photos and then qucikly share to Instagram or your favorite social network sites.

  • Reflex


    Inspired by the 100+ years old twin-lens reflex cameras, Reflex gives your photos a timeless vintage feel to bereally eye-catching artworks.